Welcome to our new Resto-Lounge experience. A stylish and relaxing space that we have created to be inviting for our guests. Here at social we try to be different, to be able to provide a tranquil environment that you can come, sit, eat, and lounge, while trying some amazing fresh food created with love in mind…love of food. 

We are inspired by what we eat and use only the freshest of ingredients that are available to us in all of our dishes. Our Beef, Poultry, Seafood and Market Vegetables are fresh and never frozen; they are seasonally selected to offer you the best tasting experience that we can offer. Our menu has been created to offer a new twist on classic foods, tastes that everyone will recognize, but yet be amazed at its fusion of flavours.

At The SOCIAL we want you to feel comfortable. Take your time to savour your wine and enjoy your company. Sit back and sip one of our hand crafted martinis made to further enhance your social experience. All of our signature martinis are made using the finest brands of premium alcohol and the freshest of juices and mixes. 

Our experienced mixologist has created many tempting creations to complement our menu. Our motto is Eat, Drink, Love….We hope you truly enjoy what we have created!